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Treat the food of amnesia

Treat the food of amnesia
Food of 7 kinds of therapeutic amnesia
Walnut. This kernel includes compositions such as abundant unsaturated fatty acid, protein, vitamin,etc., but nutrition brain, promotes the growth of cells, delays the weak course of the brain cell, improve thinking ability. 2-4 walnuts, 2 times every the first, grow and eat each time.

Pumpkin. Pumpkin bad smell getting sweet and flat, have, empty worries, wake up function of brain, can treat dizzy, vexed, getting thirsty deficiency of Yin fire prosperous disease. The person failing to neurasthenia, memory, can make cooked food, a meal every day with the pumpkin, there are no limitations on the course of treatment, there are better therapeutic effects.

 Carrot. Nutrient components such as protein, amino acid, sugar, thiamine 2, calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium included,etc. while deserving, tasting, it is the good merchantable brand improving physically and mentally.

 Sunflower seed. The oil stir-fry of daily sunflower seed, making food, there is certain invigorating the brain and is good for brain function. Practice has proved, has liked to eat the person of the sunflower seed, not only the skin is ruddy, delicate, but also clever, have a good memory, talks are orderly. Thinking is quick, the response is very fast.
 The soya bean is stewed the kelp. Soya bean and kelp food, contain abundant inferior oil sour, lecithin,etc. nutrient component, there is function good for the brain, especially the sulphur material in food of alga such as the kelp, it is that a head is indispensable even more.
||||||||||| || | | | | |
 Soya bean and sardine. The sulphur of ox of the valley acyl ammonia, sardine claimed to be included by soybean of the king of the plant albumen is plain, it is a protein with essential brain. Clean right amount of soya beans, with cutting little sardines of one with water stewed food or braising with soy sauce together, often eat and strengthen memory, delay the brain cell on old and feeble function.

 Sesame. Mash it, add a small amount of white sugar to eat towards the boiled water, or buy the commercial sesame cream, products such as sesame biscuit, sesame seed candy,etc., eat once respectively in morning and evening, it is a course of treatment in 7 days, 5-6 courses of treatment, can see the good one good for the brain resulting.


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Various flavor health care meals

Various flavor health care meals
The rice which we ate usually, usually use and poach clearly. If add batching to a little more while cooking, not only the flavor is unique and unique, will also get up to the efficiency of health care, someone calls this as " the health care meal " . The onion omlet minces the onion, add a small amount of salt, after water is boiled, put together with the rice into pan together, boiled and can be eaten with the slow fire. Onion omlet will give out characterized fragrance, have, expand blood vessel, lower blood pressure and blood glucose and prevent intestinal infectious disease, invigorate the stomach, help efficiency of digesting etc..

Spinach meal fry, familiar with onion first, cut spinach well pour, enter, translate, fry and then, then add the rice, tomato, salt, pepper, and then boil with the small fire. Protect eyesight, invigorate yin to enrich the blood and slip on the enteric function that have an ease constipation.

The tea meal steeps right amount of tea for several minutes with the boiled water, cook by steeping the tea well. The tea meal fragrant and pleasant, have, treat cardiovascular vessel disease, prevent gastrointestinal infectious disease and reduce weight efficiency of caring skin etc..

Tomato juice meal fry perfume of producing onion, head of garlic first, and then add the tomato juice and water, quench into the rice and boil. This kind of meal has efficiency of promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, invigorating the stomach and subdueing the food and making eyes bright etc..
The beef meal of ginger juice minces right amount of fresh beef and chops into the minced meat, add ginger juice, soy sauce, peanut oil,etc. to mix thoroughly, when the rice in the pan will be boiled soon, will pour it in the meal to braise 15 minutes more, can eat after steaming familiarly. If the angry efficiency of often eating the benefit while dispelling the cold, invigorating the stomach, mending.

Chicken's glutinous rice of big date enucleates 100 grams of big dates to mince, and then cut right amount of chicken into a filament, put with the clean polished glutinous rice into the pan and cook and cook together. Completely fragrant in this kind of meal is sweet, invigorate the stomach, nourish the efficiency that strengthen the body while mending.

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I will tell you at once

    The shoulder that the boss patted gentry's son comes into the kitchen again, certainly, he has this time seen me. He has not spoken to me, has been instigating gentry's something small and hard of encouraging.    
    Boss, I have not done     &am p;nb sp;
    Have not tidied up or not done?    
    Have not tidy up, has not done either.    
    OK, you find the master worker today, run into my girlfriend likes this, you have studied more skills.    
    It is too small     &a mp;n bsp;
   |||||| The small one is better, then work out and call " dragon's custard of milk " .    
    Boss, I do not really know how to start.    
    OK, I will tell you at once.    
     & ;amp; ;nbsp;   

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Look on

Look on as the work and exhaust your life heartily, act as the beginning that the ring tones of the class becomes the nightmare, the ones that may already become your job market and move ahead in exhausted sense of job are impeded. It is like losing the fish of water, the agony suffocated presenting the person with exhausted job. According to investigation, people produce job exhausted time shorter and shorter, some people work 8 begin, tired, work month even, and more than 40% of person of white collar working for more than one year wants to job-hop. An investigation in Shanghai reveals: Work full philtrum for two year have 33.3% people appear the exhausted phenomenon of job in the same post. 
Is it exhausted why the work is hearty? Yes, you once embraced the work with the zeal continually. Then, bosses are entrusting you with an important task constantly.| | | | | | ||| However, some day of some month of some year, one's own energy of your unexpected feeling is not good, uncomfortable, unusually agitated   In this way, the job comes exhaustedly! 
Job exhausted, Job Burnout, until we can read such information on English is literal - -It is the work that lets you produce the feeling exhausted, the tired out state that you are in body and mind under the heavy pressure of the work that that is to say. In 1961, a novel named " an exhausted case " caused the sensation in U.S.A., it is extremely tired to describe an architect in the book because of the job, has lost ideal and enthusiasm, run away to the primitive jungle of Africa. From then on, " exhausted " A word enters people's visual field. 
The job mainly demonstrates 6 great characteristics exhaustedly: 1, Shown as physiologically that it is not good, extremely tired, weak to exhaust the sense, lasting energy, will present insomnia, have a headache, have a backache, the uncomfortable symptom of the stomach; 2,Being shown as cognition is absent minded, thinking efficiency is reduced etc.; 3,Being shown as mood is agitated, irascible and venting one's spleen on who is not to blame to others,etc.; 4,Show as, drop to meaning and appraisal of value that oneself work appraise oneself; 5,Have and is shown as interpersonally "  Go for humanization "  Characteristic,passive one by one kind, apathetic attitude and cold and detached mood that deny last person to treat oneself; 6,Show as and always have aggressiveness and interpersonal friction to increase to him the behavior, the extreme exhaustion state will make people feel sorrow for oneself or commit suicide. It will not merely cause mood to be depleted, with numb emotion once such exhausted sense is produced, distrust, are full of the criticizing others, may even feel sorrow for oneself or commit suicide. 

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The job is exhausted

The job is exhausted (1)   
Typical symptom one: Zhao Bo 30 years old has already done in a trans-corporation for 8 years, he struggles from salesman to the line manager's position in 5 years during that time. You know, in this foreign corporation, the line manager is that the Chinese staff can be with the supreme position that reach. After becoming a line manager, everything has already driven a light carriage on a familiar road for him. However, this kind of overly easy life has not not merely let him feel relaxed, more and more agitated instead. 8 year, he machinery make the work like this every day. The job challenge for him, work lose passion, watch face in salary want, move their really. 
Typical symptom two: Intelligent, beautiful leaf little Qian pieces of pet that apply for a job actually, whom famous school graduate relaxed to obtain a lot of big company of favors in she. Enter each woman colleague of company always in express hostility to her in the near future, then she has to change 8 jobs within 3 years. She had thinking it one's own like this all the time the woman endowed with both beauty and talent did not needed to climb and adhering to the interpersonal relationships to survive, one's own appearance and ability are the hard currency. Certainly, she never participates in the boring luncheon | of the Eight Diagrams of woman colleague, never probes into the economical knack that the supermarket does shopping with them too, she indulges in the bar the partner, Latin dance have a get-together, the level is well-above this kind of friendship of doddering and chatting like an old woman of theirs. Then they public clamor can confound right and wrong, say her to be arrogant, extremely frivolous, supercilious   

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got into of all staying up

Trouble (3) got into of all staying up   
1,Digestive tract disease: At first can take breakfast depression, influence the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, the bile is discharged, this will weaken the digestive system function, bring out disease of digestive system such as gastritis, cholelithiasis. 
2,Can't reduce weight and put on weight instead: Take breakfast can make people appear strong empty stomach sense and hungry sense at lunch also, eat too much food any more unconsciously, surplus energy will be turned in the body into the fat, it causes the fat instead that the time long fat is piled up under the cover. 
3,Resistance drops: Caused by having breakfast and malnutritive, will also lead to the fact the organism resists the function to drop, all kinds of diseases such as apt catching a cold, cardiovascular vessel disease. 
4.Damage the appearance: To women, taking breakfast can only be drawn on candy yuan and protein stored in the body, it will cause the skin to be dry that as time passes, wrinkling and anaemia, it is old and feeble to accelerate. 
Winter did not hang on the bed either,| got up half an hour early every day, got used to having breakfast on time, there is sufficient energy supply, guarantee you have sparkling spirit in one day.   

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Do you know

Do you know? Will put on weight to hang on the bed in the morning. 
The quilt in winter is really a place that is so warm as to let people yearn for limitlessly. Miss Chen whether piece rely bed king, mobile phone alarm clock set aside 3 period of time well at the same time generally, when the first,, , , , , seal, get up quilt install and has not heard no; At second, press at once; Loud the third time, languid 100 stand up unwillingly. Certainly, the time of the breakfast is just " crowded " like this Have lost. Miss Chen, often so empty stomach goes to work, call it by the fine-sounding name of and reduce weight. However, her digestive function has seemed to present the obstacle recently, have eaten nothing to digest, it seems the stomach has a little trouble. 
Generally speaking, do not have breakfast out of two kinds of purposes, save time and reduce weight. But research indicates, it is inclined to an unhealthy life style not to have breakfast, its result is more serious than the fat. 
 If the adult does not often have breakfast, will initiate the question of 4 following respects:   

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Staying up

Staying up will have very great injury to woman's skin 
Need to pay attention to, staying up will have very great injury to woman's skin. Because it will cause the skin to secrete the unusual and melanin to precipitate in the night oil to stay up, form the small pox and patch, make the skin crude. The more serious one is, it is to one's own and physical " overdraw " to stay up for a long time . Often stay up, the operation law with normal organism will be upset, the law of secreting of hormone is damaged in various degree too, will form the emergence of fat even cancer. 
Try hard to reduce the frequency of staying up. If when having no alternative but, must remember the health is very apt to lack water when staying up,Botani In addition, the girl must remember unloading and making up before staying up, or washed the face clean first, in case that thick powder layer or grease spot is under the suffering at night, initiate small pox of whole face. Had better apply the face while washing the face after staying up at the same time, massage is 5 minutes, supplement the moisture for the face. While staying up, the oxygen demand of brain will increase, should breathe deeply more. Don't eat the meat while staying up, try hard to eat the carbohydrate, does not turn out too tired through the talent like this. 

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