Staying up

Staying up will have very great injury to woman's skin 
Need to pay attention to, staying up will have very great injury to woman's skin. Because it will cause the skin to secrete the unusual and melanin to precipitate in the night oil to stay up, form the small pox and patch, make the skin crude. The more serious one is, it is to one's own and physical " overdraw " to stay up for a long time . Often stay up, the operation law with normal organism will be upset, the law of secreting of hormone is damaged in various degree too, will form the emergence of fat even cancer. 
Try hard to reduce the frequency of staying up. If when having no alternative but, must remember the health is very apt to lack water when staying up,Botani In addition, the girl must remember unloading and making up before staying up, or washed the face clean first, in case that thick powder layer or grease spot is under the suffering at night, initiate small pox of whole face. Had better apply the face while washing the face after staying up at the same time, massage is 5 minutes, supplement the moisture for the face. While staying up, the oxygen demand of brain will increase, should breathe deeply more. Don't eat the meat while staying up, try hard to eat the carbohydrate, does not turn out too tired through the talent like this. 

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