Do you know

Do you know? Will put on weight to hang on the bed in the morning. 
The quilt in winter is really a place that is so warm as to let people yearn for limitlessly. Miss Chen whether piece rely bed king, mobile phone alarm clock set aside 3 period of time well at the same time generally, when the first,, , , , , seal, get up quilt install and has not heard no; At second, press at once; Loud the third time, languid 100 stand up unwillingly. Certainly, the time of the breakfast is just " crowded " like this Have lost. Miss Chen, often so empty stomach goes to work, call it by the fine-sounding name of and reduce weight. However, her digestive function has seemed to present the obstacle recently, have eaten nothing to digest, it seems the stomach has a little trouble. 
Generally speaking, do not have breakfast out of two kinds of purposes, save time and reduce weight. But research indicates, it is inclined to an unhealthy life style not to have breakfast, its result is more serious than the fat. 
 If the adult does not often have breakfast, will initiate the question of 4 following respects:   

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