got into of all staying up

Trouble (3) got into of all staying up   
1,Digestive tract disease: At first can take breakfast depression, influence the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, the bile is discharged, this will weaken the digestive system function, bring out disease of digestive system such as gastritis, cholelithiasis. 
2,Can't reduce weight and put on weight instead: Take breakfast can make people appear strong empty stomach sense and hungry sense at lunch also, eat too much food any more unconsciously, surplus energy will be turned in the body into the fat, it causes the fat instead that the time long fat is piled up under the cover. 
3,Resistance drops: Caused by having breakfast and malnutritive, will also lead to the fact the organism resists the function to drop, all kinds of diseases such as apt catching a cold, cardiovascular vessel disease. 
4.Damage the appearance: To women, taking breakfast can only be drawn on candy yuan and protein stored in the body, it will cause the skin to be dry that as time passes, wrinkling and anaemia, it is old and feeble to accelerate. 
Winter did not hang on the bed either,| got up half an hour early every day, got used to having breakfast on time, there is sufficient energy supply, guarantee you have sparkling spirit in one day.   

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