The job is exhausted

The job is exhausted (1)   
Typical symptom one: Zhao Bo 30 years old has already done in a trans-corporation for 8 years, he struggles from salesman to the line manager's position in 5 years during that time. You know, in this foreign corporation, the line manager is that the Chinese staff can be with the supreme position that reach. After becoming a line manager, everything has already driven a light carriage on a familiar road for him. However, this kind of overly easy life has not not merely let him feel relaxed, more and more agitated instead. 8 year, he machinery make the work like this every day. The job challenge for him, work lose passion, watch face in salary want, move their really. 
Typical symptom two: Intelligent, beautiful leaf little Qian pieces of pet that apply for a job actually, whom famous school graduate relaxed to obtain a lot of big company of favors in she. Enter each woman colleague of company always in express hostility to her in the near future, then she has to change 8 jobs within 3 years. She had thinking it one's own like this all the time the woman endowed with both beauty and talent did not needed to climb and adhering to the interpersonal relationships to survive, one's own appearance and ability are the hard currency. Certainly, she never participates in the boring luncheon | of the Eight Diagrams of woman colleague, never probes into the economical knack that the supermarket does shopping with them too, she indulges in the bar the partner, Latin dance have a get-together, the level is well-above this kind of friendship of doddering and chatting like an old woman of theirs. Then they public clamor can confound right and wrong, say her to be arrogant, extremely frivolous, supercilious   

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