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Look on as the work and exhaust your life heartily, act as the beginning that the ring tones of the class becomes the nightmare, the ones that may already become your job market and move ahead in exhausted sense of job are impeded. It is like losing the fish of water, the agony suffocated presenting the person with exhausted job. According to investigation, people produce job exhausted time shorter and shorter, some people work 8 begin, tired, work month even, and more than 40% of person of white collar working for more than one year wants to job-hop. An investigation in Shanghai reveals: Work full philtrum for two year have 33.3% people appear the exhausted phenomenon of job in the same post. 
Is it exhausted why the work is hearty? Yes, you once embraced the work with the zeal continually. Then, bosses are entrusting you with an important task constantly.| | | | | | ||| However, some day of some month of some year, one's own energy of your unexpected feeling is not good, uncomfortable, unusually agitated   In this way, the job comes exhaustedly! 
Job exhausted, Job Burnout, until we can read such information on English is literal - -It is the work that lets you produce the feeling exhausted, the tired out state that you are in body and mind under the heavy pressure of the work that that is to say. In 1961, a novel named " an exhausted case " caused the sensation in U.S.A., it is extremely tired to describe an architect in the book because of the job, has lost ideal and enthusiasm, run away to the primitive jungle of Africa. From then on, " exhausted " A word enters people's visual field. 
The job mainly demonstrates 6 great characteristics exhaustedly: 1, Shown as physiologically that it is not good, extremely tired, weak to exhaust the sense, lasting energy, will present insomnia, have a headache, have a backache, the uncomfortable symptom of the stomach; 2,Being shown as cognition is absent minded, thinking efficiency is reduced etc.; 3,Being shown as mood is agitated, irascible and venting one's spleen on who is not to blame to others,etc.; 4,Show as, drop to meaning and appraisal of value that oneself work appraise oneself; 5,Have and is shown as interpersonally "  Go for humanization "  Characteristic,passive one by one kind, apathetic attitude and cold and detached mood that deny last person to treat oneself; 6,Show as and always have aggressiveness and interpersonal friction to increase to him the behavior, the extreme exhaustion state will make people feel sorrow for oneself or commit suicide. It will not merely cause mood to be depleted, with numb emotion once such exhausted sense is produced, distrust, are full of the criticizing others, may even feel sorrow for oneself or commit suicide. 

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