I will tell you at once

    The shoulder that the boss patted gentry's son comes into the kitchen again, certainly, he has this time seen me. He has not spoken to me, has been instigating gentry's something small and hard of encouraging.    
    Boss, I have not done     &am p;nb sp;
    Have not tidied up or not done?    
    Have not tidy up, has not done either.    
    OK, you find the master worker today, run into my girlfriend likes this, you have studied more skills.    
    It is too small     &a mp;n bsp;
   |||||| The small one is better, then work out and call " dragon's custard of milk " .    
    Boss, I do not really know how to start.    
    OK, I will tell you at once.    
     & ;amp; ;nbsp;   

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