Various flavor health care meals

Various flavor health care meals
The rice which we ate usually, usually use and poach clearly. If add batching to a little more while cooking, not only the flavor is unique and unique, will also get up to the efficiency of health care, someone calls this as " the health care meal " . The onion omlet minces the onion, add a small amount of salt, after water is boiled, put together with the rice into pan together, boiled and can be eaten with the slow fire. Onion omlet will give out characterized fragrance, have, expand blood vessel, lower blood pressure and blood glucose and prevent intestinal infectious disease, invigorate the stomach, help efficiency of digesting etc..

Spinach meal fry, familiar with onion first, cut spinach well pour, enter, translate, fry and then, then add the rice, tomato, salt, pepper, and then boil with the small fire. Protect eyesight, invigorate yin to enrich the blood and slip on the enteric function that have an ease constipation.

The tea meal steeps right amount of tea for several minutes with the boiled water, cook by steeping the tea well. The tea meal fragrant and pleasant, have, treat cardiovascular vessel disease, prevent gastrointestinal infectious disease and reduce weight efficiency of caring skin etc..

Tomato juice meal fry perfume of producing onion, head of garlic first, and then add the tomato juice and water, quench into the rice and boil. This kind of meal has efficiency of promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, invigorating the stomach and subdueing the food and making eyes bright etc..
The beef meal of ginger juice minces right amount of fresh beef and chops into the minced meat, add ginger juice, soy sauce, peanut oil,etc. to mix thoroughly, when the rice in the pan will be boiled soon, will pour it in the meal to braise 15 minutes more, can eat after steaming familiarly. If the angry efficiency of often eating the benefit while dispelling the cold, invigorating the stomach, mending.

Chicken's glutinous rice of big date enucleates 100 grams of big dates to mince, and then cut right amount of chicken into a filament, put with the clean polished glutinous rice into the pan and cook and cook together. Completely fragrant in this kind of meal is sweet, invigorate the stomach, nourish the efficiency that strengthen the body while mending.

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