Treat the food of amnesia

Treat the food of amnesia
Food of 7 kinds of therapeutic amnesia
Walnut. This kernel includes compositions such as abundant unsaturated fatty acid, protein, vitamin,etc., but nutrition brain, promotes the growth of cells, delays the weak course of the brain cell, improve thinking ability. 2-4 walnuts, 2 times every the first, grow and eat each time.

Pumpkin. Pumpkin bad smell getting sweet and flat, have, empty worries, wake up function of brain, can treat dizzy, vexed, getting thirsty deficiency of Yin fire prosperous disease. The person failing to neurasthenia, memory, can make cooked food, a meal every day with the pumpkin, there are no limitations on the course of treatment, there are better therapeutic effects.

 Carrot. Nutrient components such as protein, amino acid, sugar, thiamine 2, calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium included,etc. while deserving, tasting, it is the good merchantable brand improving physically and mentally.

 Sunflower seed. The oil stir-fry of daily sunflower seed, making food, there is certain invigorating the brain and is good for brain function. Practice has proved, has liked to eat the person of the sunflower seed, not only the skin is ruddy, delicate, but also clever, have a good memory, talks are orderly. Thinking is quick, the response is very fast.
 The soya bean is stewed the kelp. Soya bean and kelp food, contain abundant inferior oil sour, lecithin,etc. nutrient component, there is function good for the brain, especially the sulphur material in food of alga such as the kelp, it is that a head is indispensable even more.
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 Soya bean and sardine. The sulphur of ox of the valley acyl ammonia, sardine claimed to be included by soybean of the king of the plant albumen is plain, it is a protein with essential brain. Clean right amount of soya beans, with cutting little sardines of one with water stewed food or braising with soy sauce together, often eat and strengthen memory, delay the brain cell on old and feeble function.

 Sesame. Mash it, add a small amount of white sugar to eat towards the boiled water, or buy the commercial sesame cream, products such as sesame biscuit, sesame seed candy,etc., eat once respectively in morning and evening, it is a course of treatment in 7 days, 5-6 courses of treatment, can see the good one good for the brain resulting.


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